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The diversity of out general transport fleet is second to none. Combinations include flat decks, high capacity curtain sided truck and trailers. We offer a large selection of flat decks including truck and trailers, semis, B trains and trucks carrying palletised products and break bulk.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our fleet is modern, up to date and maintained to the highest standards as well as ensuring we meet our daily needs in a professional and timely manner.

In addition to our fleet we have a large selection of modern equipment to assist in meeting clients requirements e.g swinglifts, toploader. 

Freight Haulage Limited has the benefit of a private rail siding on site to complement our general cartage.


Freight Haulage Limited has modern bulk units for a wide variety of cartage including gravel, fertilizer and stockfood. We also have an independent bitumen tanker. In addition we have five trucks set up for pumping emulsion, which we currently undertake for Road Science.

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Freight Haulage Limited

  • 5 Lake Street
    Invercargill 9812
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