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In 1968 Southland Freight Haulage was established as a result of the amalgamation of Ian Guise Limited, Ohai Carrying Co and Ohai Freight Service. The following year Otautau Transport was also purchased, with depots in Invercargill (Clyde Street) and rural Southland. The nature of the operation was to meet the rural area’s and farmer’s requirements by carting wool, stock, grain and general freight.

In 1974 Southland Freight Haulage moved to their new purpose built premises in Spey Street.

Amongst the contracts held by Southland Freight Haulage was the contract for carting aluminium for the New Zealand Aluminium Smelter. This contract started when the smelter opened and is still held by the company today. Prior to the smelter commencing operations, Southland Freight Haulage was involved with the cartage to the construction site.

Another long standing contract that was in place then, and is still going strong today, is that with NJ Crisp (Customs Agents). Southland Freight Haulage was a licensed customs carrier at the time.

Southland Freight Haulage was purchased by Southland Frozen Meats in 1975. Ian Guise stayed on, looking after the business. This was followed by the purchase of three other transport companies, Cunningham Transport of Gore in 1976, Waihopai Transport in 1980 and Ian Pheloung Holdings in 1982.

Following the deregulation of the Land Transport Sector in 1981, the old New Zealand Railways Department was corporatised and Freight Haulage (Otago) Limited was formed in Dunedin.

1983 saw Southland Freight Haulage change its name to Freight Haulage Limited with the purchase of West Otago Transport and a branch in Christchurch was opened.

In 1986 Freight Haulage Limited lost its identity when it was bought by Transpac, and Ian Guise handed over the reigns to John King. This was short lived however, as in 1988 Transpac went into Receivership.

The Invercargill branch of Southland Freight Haulage was purchased in 1989 by Ken and Bill Richardson and renamed Freight Haulage Limited. Ownership was later taken over fully by H W Richardson Group Limited, and has remained in the group ever since.

Freight Haulage Limited has changed considerably since becoming part of the Richardson Group. Currently we have a fleet of 26 trucks, 7 forklifts, a 20’/40’ container toploader and two loaders. We currently have a permanent staff of 35, as well as some casual employees.

The nature of the work has changed somewhat as well. Freight Haulage Limited is now a stand alone company with just one branch in Invercargill. Our focus is now on our local contracts, undertaking container cartage (Freight Haulage Limited was the first company to own a swinglift south of Christchurch), container packing and devanning, bulk cartage of fertiliser, bitumen as well as skins, meat meal and offal cartage from local meat works. Freight Haulage Limited is also a high risk MPI accredited transitional facility and we are in the process of becoming a Customs Controlled area.

Throughout these changes however, some things have remained the same, in particular our long relationships with NZAS and NJ Crisp.

December 2009 saw Freight Haulage Limited move our operation to the redundant Clifton Wool Scour. There have been many benefits of shifting to the new site, not least the extra storage space, which allows us to store all our client’s products in one area. Currently we have 24,000m2 of covered storage and 8,000m2 off site storage. We also have the ability to grow the business, as the site comes with 20 acres of land. As part of our commitment to NZAS we are able to offer more than 5,000m2 of storage facilities for their raw material products, as well as their export product.

Another aspect of the new site is having our own rail siding which is of benefit to both ourselves and our clients.

Freight Haulage Limited continues to grow and strive to be THE BEST TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS COMPANY IN SOUTHLAND.


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